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​​We provide the following services:

sales, installation, ongoing support, upgrades, spares and servicing, we have created a ‘One Stop Shop’ for the central vacuum industry users.

Who We Are

We are small business and that is how we like it. 
Being small means we focus on quality over quantity, focusing on less whilst doing more. It allows us to only work on the projects we are excited by, giving them the attention they deserve. Our size also means our service is dedicated as we are not all working on 110 different things at once. As we are a smaller business, it helps us keep cost down. It helps us work in a very responsive, flexible way. And whilst we are small in size, we are big on talent. The team combines a mixture of age, experience and background. We have been supplying and installing Central Vacuums for many years during which time we constantly strive to supply the best systems for our customers needs. 
Experience has taught us that our customers have three primary requirements of their Central Vacuum; great suction power, excellent reliability and ease of use. Any of our range of Central Vacuums fulfil these criteria as well as providing lots of other advantages.
We, together with SACH have become the largest stockist and supplier of central vacuum systems in  London. We attribute this success to supplying high quality products and having a strict policy of excellent customer service. 
We offer a complete design, consultation and central vacuum system installation service. Our experience and expertise means we can install a central vacuum system into any property. 

Our Goals

The fundamental tenets of our company – a young dynamic team of professionals to provide the best possible advice and assistance supported by our technical team who will oversee your project in all its stages.

SACH’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that  its group of professionals meets the current and future needs of the market means that it is constantly expanding the SACH Team to ensure you get the most effective reliable service possible.

Ongoing investment in research and development means SACH can offer products of its own manufacture, making available to you the most technically advanced central vacuum equipment in the market supported by a comprehensive range of accessories and materials to provide a complete solution for central vacuum installations, be they domestic or commercial.  
As a responsible manufacturer, genuinely passionate about its products, SACH is committed to spreading the word regarding the concept of central vacuum systems, their benefits and the real value they bring to both homes and businesses; constant product evolution and the provision of personalized solutions for all manner of domestic and commercial applications has seen SACH’s  central vacuum market opportunities grow.
Our objective is to continue to evolve as a company and as a group through ongoing product development and the adaptation and improvement of our products to provide new, better solutions for the needs of distributors, installers, builders, developers and trade professionals who all share our vision of the great central vacuum project. Customer support and a personalized service attuned to the customer’s specific requirements remain fundamental to achieving our vision.

Our Services

Far too often on our daily routine we come across these faces. Pulling the vacuum cleaner around the rooms, knocking furniture, carrying it up and downstairs, bags filling up too quickly and breaking downs are another headache. With any of our central vacuum units, vacuum your home don't need to be a daunting task. No vacuum to carry or pulling and canister only needs emptying 3 to 4 times a year. Apart from all these, you have other benefits. Click HERE to view the main benefits you get with SACH central vacuum systems.


Planning is the key to a successful central vacuum installation - both planning the layout and planning the process. To install a central vacuum we begin by installing the inlet valves, strategically located throughout the home in wall-mounted (or sometimes floor) receptacles. Then, we run plastic piping from the inlet valves to the power unit. Ducting can be installed at first-fix stage as the building shell takes shape and last, we install the power unit in the basement, garage, or another out-of-the-way place. The system is completed with power unit, vacpoints and all other accessories at the second-fix phase. 


If you are building a new home or doing a major renovation, this is the perfect time to install a central vacuum system.
The method shown here is for a situation where tubing will run through the stud walls and beneath the floor. The next step is to find the shortest or easiest route between the vacuum power unit and the wall inlets in order to install the ducting. It is often best to follow existing installations for plumbing, heating, air conditioning or electrical wiring and take advantage of access through floors and walls that is already available. With good planning, it is possible to avoid messy jobs such as drilling through floors or opening walls to install ducting pipes.


Installation is hassle free! We follow our standards to make sure the system is installed correctly.  Our experienced staff will provide quality, professional installation in your new construction.  Once the unit goes on wall, we connect the inlet pipes and the outlet pipe previously installed and vented to the outside. Once that is done, the unit is pluged into a socket and you are good to go. To activate the system, simply insert the lightweight hose into a central vacuum wall inlet valve. All aspects of your central vacuum system have been designed to work together seamlessly.​ 
A central vacuum system has fast become a contemporary expectation, not just a luxury for limitless budgets. Homeowners will rapidly appreciate its life-enhancing qualities – cleaning becomes effortless and stress-free, removing dirt and dust in peace and quiet with just a lightweight hose and eliminating the need for a heavy vacuum cleaner.

Who We Work With

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we work closely together with

architects - property developers - home builders - diy enthusiastic and with final client

A SUCCESSFUL TEAM shares the same  he   rt beat





"We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job to make the customer experience a little bit better.

Customers may forget what you said but they'll never forget how you made them feel. "
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