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  SACH’s History and Evolution

Constant evolution through experience”
·       1992:   SACH  is conceived as a specialist for central vacuum installations.
        1998:   The company launches its first range of central vacuum units and starts to develop the Spanish market.
·       2002:  SACH pioneers the introduction to the market of the first central vacuum unit manufactured from ABS.
·       2006:  SACH establishes itself as a supplier to the international market.
·       2008:  The Company launches its own brand of central vacuum installation materials.
·       2009:  SACH launches its own brand of brushes as well as innovative accessories such as the automatic wall-mounted hose reel
·       2010:  SACH already has a presence in more than 20 countries with ambitious plans to further expand its distributor network. The technological evolution of its products and a lasting commitment to a professional personalized service  provide the blueprint for its continued success.
2015:  SACH planned to launch his product to London and UK market by making a successful  alliance with  SACHVAC UK LTD
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Ongoing investment in analysis and development means that SACH offers product of its own manufacture, creating obtainable to you the foremost technically advanced central vacuum instrumentation within the market supported by a comprehensive range of accessories and materials to provide an entire resolution for central vacuum installations.
“You will count on us!”

Through real investment in development and rigorous management of each the producing method and order preparation, SACH is ready to deliver product tested to the best potential quality standards – atomic number 58 (European Union Quality Certificate), BG (SGS-Bauart Geprüft) and ROHS (Restriction of hazardous Substances) approvals; Our Dynamic and Eco ranges have conjointly undergone freelance quality testing at the highly revered Intertek Laboratories. SACH not solely guarantees its product however conjointly the technical help it provides to you, whether because the final client or as a trade skilled. Our network of knowledgeable distributors can give recommendation and support to confirm that along we have a tendency to make the simplest potential answer for your individual desires.
We (SACHVAC UK LTD) are a small business and that is how we like it. 
Being small means we focus on quality over quantity, focusing on less whilst doing more. It allows us to only work on the projects we are excited by, giving them the attention they deserve. Our size also means our service is dedicated as we are not all working on 110 different things at once. As we are a smaller business, it helps us keep cost down. It helps us work in a very responsive, flexible way. And whilst we are small in size, we are big on talent. The team combines a mixture of age, experience and background. We have been supplying and installing Central Vacuums for many years during which time we constantly strive to supply the best systems for our customers needs. 

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Meet the team

  1. Managing Director
    Contact details: 07702 246 084 [email protected]
  1. Antonio Pinto
    SACHVAC UK Director
Antonio is originally from Portugal where he study and spent few years in the Portuguese Marine Corps before moving to the UK.
From the time he arrived in the UK, he have worked as a kitchen fitter and Corian worktop fabricator. After that and for many years, he have worked on a well known established construction and property developement Company as a Projects Manager, mainly working on high-end residential buildings and complex refurbishment projects in and around Battersea area (SW London).
Becoming SACHVAC main London - UK distribuitor and installer, he has evolved into a talented professional and a strong Managing Director with inspirational leadership capabilities who is driven and passionate about creating residences and homes with outstanding beauty with integrated Central Vacuum Systems. He says...  "Every home deserves one." 



how it works

The vacuum unit's motor pulls air through the pipes and hose. All the debris such as dust, dirt, paper, hair, coins and even small toys accidentally vacuumed are retained in the filter. The exhaust air is quite clean and can be vented within the area or vented to the outside. The filter should be changed or cleaned every three months to a year depending on the filter type and capacity. The vacuum is powered on when the vacuum hose is inserted into an inlet on the wall within the home.  


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